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A Day in Capiro

Thursday, September 27th

After another storm during the night, we woke up in a beautiful country we love so much. The smell of homemade donuts traveled through Alfredo’s House and we were eager to gather at the table for breakfast. Our bellies were filled and it was soon time to load the bus. Our journey to the village today was a long ride, slightly over two hours. The roads however were much better for our trip today.

The school in Capiro was a beautiful place to set up our clinics. This community has had financial help from a concrete company and so they have some better facilities than some of the other villages. But the people were the same: loving, kind, and warm.

An elderly lady wandered into the clinic today alone and no one seemed to know who she was or where she came from. She had lost all of her hearing so it was difficult to have any communication with her. The community leader came and helped her over to the medical clinic. Once she was finally at a medical station and being taken care of she was calm and at ease. Duane gave her his cross and she graciously got down on her knees with praying hands. She knew God was at the center of it all. Phyllis also gave her cross away today to an energetic beautiful child. She stole her heart with all of her liveliness in spirit. Her smile was contagious.

On the long ride back to Alfredo House we soaked in the beautiful mountainous terrain and all of the green vastness. It’s amazing when you stop and think about it. God just had to speak and all of it was created. We are given one chance in this life and I hope that we always use it to give glory and honor to the King of Kings who has given us so much. This team, this week, and in this country we choose to give back to Him.

~Amy Heath

~Amy Heat

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