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If you go, I will send them

Wednesday, September 26th

“If you go, I will send them.” And that is exactly what the Lord did in the community of Buena Vista today. It was a very hot and busy day in the clinics. The road to the community was long and steep and the bus had trouble making it up the mountain at one point. We had to get out and walk for a short distance but we were fortunate to be able to get back on the bus to ride the rest of the way. When we finally reached the top of the mountain it was a glorious sight to see so many men, women and children waiting for us.

Connections with the people in this village started the moment we stepped off the bus. I felt the love of an elderly woman who gave me a warm smile. Two other times during the morning I came into contact with her and she gave me a tight hug and spoke some soft words to me. Even though I have no idea what she said, I know she was speaking to me with love. I gave my cross to this sweet lady and told her of my love for her and the love that Christ has for her.

Four other crosses were given away today. Linda gave hers to a lady in the dental clinic who had several teeth and part of the bone extracted. This was the worst case we have encountered in the dental clinic so far this week. Cookie gave hers to a frail, elderly lady who was unstable walking and had difficulty breathing even after a breathing treatment. Wendy gave hers to a young mother of two rambunctious boys with a breast mass. Whitney gave hers to our old friend Marco’s daughter Isabella, who reminded Whitney of her own daughter.

Our night ended with a devotion from Duane reminding us that that God doesn’t call the equipped, he equips the called.

As the rain falls heavily on the roof I prepare to go bed with a smile on my face and in my heart. We work very hard but every second of every day is so worth it. Thank you God for giving us the privilege to serve. ~Amy Heath

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