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Our Hearts are Full!

Tuesday, September 25th

Boy have we been busy today!

Our day started this morning with the breakfast bell ringing at 7am for a table set for 30!! Virginia and Albita had their hands full feeding us all but we left for Agua Blanquita with our bellies and hearts full.

By 9am we were welcomed into our second village where Dr. Jim and Amy introduced our team and invited the town to come and visit us in our clinics. He told them that we had come in the spirit of Barnabas and wanted to share our time and talents with them. He expressed that God loves them and so do we.

And with that the clinics opened and to task we went serving 170 folks from 6 days old to age 94! Dr. Judy must have really motivated the doctor and nurse team during their “clinical” on Sunday because they were on fire today helping each other problem solve and work as a team... our veterans sharing their tips and tricks with our 2 newbies. All in all they referred 14 folks.

It was an amazing day filled with lots of smiles, hugs, handshakes, pats on the back, hat tippings and hellos. One little girl would probably tell you her day, or at least her visit to the dental chair, was not so amazing. No translator was needed to interpret, but our team was there to hold her hand and provide her comfort.

After receiving a pair of glasses one farmer had something for us to see! He showed off his herd of cattle as he paraded them right past our clinics after lunch and then back again as we were packing up. I must say... he had a beautiful herd. Moooooo!!

We continued our fellowship with our Honduran counterparts as we shared a cup of coffee with them at a local coffee shop in Peña Blanca. One interpreter, Danny, continues to wiggle into all of our hearts and funny-bones. He is brand new to FOB and astounds us with his energy and enthusiasm.

Today was not only Danny’s birthday but also Dr. Judy’s AND Albita’s!!! I lost count of how many times we sang Happy Birthday... not only in English, but also in Español.

The other thing I have lost count of is how many times it has rained. No complaints, however, as it has been in the evenings and I know it is part of the reason why this country is so green and lush and beautiful.

Linda, our other team leader led our devotional tonight and encouraged us to continue to be servants and help others in need.

The house is now quiet as it has been a jam packed day. But as our day started and now as we sleep, know that our hearts are still full (with serving) as well as our bellies (with birthday cake).

Much love from Casa de Alfredo ❤

~Lisa Fisher

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