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Team Chatham Rocky Mount visits Agua Zarca!

Monday, September 24th

The pink striations across the bright blue morning sky pushed away the memory of the monsoon like rain that hit Barnabas House and our team the night before. With the bus loaded we headed out to Agua Zarca, our first Community for the week and Warwick UMC’s Community Partner.

We journeyed into the mountains and at last our bus stopped at the crest of a hill. Despite the poverty in Agua Zarca, we set up our clinic in a spacious and well equipped school, gifted to them some time ago by a German organization. Tarps had been used to create canopies to enable us to set up deworming and head measuring stations outdoors. It was a busy day with the clinic serving 195 children and adults.

As the day ended and we closed up shop, parents gathered their children and began to depart sharing a kind word or smile. Among them was a young girl, Batma, most notable by her green eyes and ash blonde hair. Batma stopped and hugged almost every team member, even seeking out a special one or two she might have missed. As our bus departed, we passed her and her family on the road. In that moment, our team broke into conversation about how Batma had touched the hearts of those in the dentist clinic, the fluoride and deworming station, and medical clinic. It was in that moment I was reminded that is in serving that we ourselves are blessed.

Our evening ended with a devotion by Amy, one which challenged us to remember that we have all been called by God to this place for His purpose. May God give us all we need to be His hands and feet.

~ Linda Verhoeff

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