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Team Chatham Rocky Mount is in Honduras!

Saturday, September 22nd

The Chatham Rocky Mount Medical team arrived safely in Honduras with no hitches.

Leaving out of Raleigh Durham Airport was a new experience for members of this team as generally we fly out of Greensboro.

We managed to get 11 members of our 13 member team through with 24 duffels.

We were met in Atlanta with the additional 2 members of our team. We arrived in San Pedro Sula with all team members and duffels in tack.

Upon arrival at Casa de Alfredo we indulged in some fresh fruit and juice. The team was very eager to get to work preparing for the upcoming week and quickly took on the task of separating the five duffels of give-a-ways for each village in the upcoming week.

Just as that task was finished the rain moved in and has continued. At one point the lights did flicker but we never loss power (at least not yet).

A delicious dinner was enjoyed by all and after eating Nury went over some housekeeping rules and welcomed our two "newbies".

It'd been a long day for all of us and the bed was calling with the lull of the rain to help relax us and put us to sleep. Nothing like the sound of the rain beating on the roof here at our home away from home for the week.

As a team we thank you for all your help in getting us here and for the prayers coming our way as they are such a blessing .

Stay tuned as we hope to keep internet and can send daily journals.

~Phyllis Fisher

Sunday, September 23rd

Today we hiked the botanical gardens of Bioparque Paradise. We soaked in some of the beauty that this picturesque country has to offer. After hiking we returned to Alfredo House for an amazing lunch. Our afternoon was spent with much laughter and love as we counted pills and prepared for the week ahead. After two afternoons of preparation, we were ready to go out the next day to do what God.

God has given us a heart to serve the people of Honduras and we are excited to get started in the morning. Reuben gave the devotion tonight from Matthew 21:1–11. Will you be a donkey for Jesus? God uses ordinary people to do extraordinary things. The Bible says the whole city was moved when Jesus rode in on this donkey. It only takes one donkey to turn a city upside down for Jesus! Will it be one of us?

~Amy Heath

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