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Special Bonds

August 15, 2018

After a long, bumpy bus ride, we arrived in the village Loma Larga. We saw over 200 patients, and each and every one formed a special bond with our team. Kate met a very sweet elderly lady with whom she enjoyed her conversation. She explained she lived alone and made fresh tortillas for her community. The lady wanted to thank Kate by giving her some of her home grown papaya. Melissa also encountered an elderly lady that touched her heart. The woman was so gracious and thankful for the medical care that she walked all the way back to her home to bring back fresh avocados as a thank you.

The last family of the day really touched Aileen and Julie. A grandmother brought her three grandchildren in to receive medical care. The lady explained that she is raising her grandchildren after one of her daughters was killed in a domestic violence incident and her other daughter left the community leaving behind her children. One of the children was very reserved and quiet, but Aileen ultimately made the little girl smile and laugh. It is safe to say Aileen had an impact on this child’s life today.

At the end of the day several of us had the opportunity to go on a home visit. An elderly lady was too sick and could not leave her bed to be seen in the clinic. She had lung cancer that our medical team believed may have metastasized to her liver. While bearing the bad news, her family was surrounding her with love. Her bed was in the center of the room where she was cared for continuously and made sure she was never alone. We went in and expressed to the woman that we all loved her and we prayed for her. It was a very emotional experience. The level of care demonstrated by this family an example of what we saw with all of our patients today. We all were very grateful for what we experienced today.

~Kristen Jamerson

love we experienced in the village along with feeling that we made a difference today.

~Kristen Jamerson

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