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The Importance of Community

Friday, July 27, 2018

Today was our last day going to a community, and we had the opportunity to serve La Pimienta. Although it was a smaller community, it was one of my favorites. We were surrounded by beautiful mountains and everyone was so grateful that we were there.

At the end of the day I brought out tattoos for the kids, and they surrounded me like I was holding gold. It was amazing to see how much enjoyment they got out of a simple tattoo and most children’s arms were covered with them by the end. This reminds me to take delight in the small moments, because they withhold so much beauty.

One thing I took away from this week in Honduras is the importance of community. Each and every village was like one big family and everyone supported each other. I can tell that family and friends are valued greatly through their actions. By seeing sisters and brothers holding hands, or watching all the kids join in for a big game of soccer, proved how close they are. This week was one I’ll never forget and every person in each community served me in ways they don’t know.

~ Cate Salmon

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