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Watching a Community Grow with FOB

Thursday, July 26, 2018

I learned that Friends of Barnabas has been visiting Cerro Azul for four years so far, teaching them more and more each time. It was obvious to us when we arrived they were putting into practice what they had learned. Their school had many posters about the environment, and the kids knew all about it, showing their care for it and how much they’re striving to protect it. They also had a garden right next to the school which shows they are improving their self-sufficiency.

Today, I served in the measuring and weighing station and I was surprised that not many children cried or were frightened by me holding them or touching their heads to measure them. Cerro Azul, like most other places we’ve visited, is a very trusting community and they know that we are all there to help.

My favorite part about every day here has been playing with the children and seeing how much something as simple as bubbles can mean to them. They were so enthused and had grins from ear to ear. I can see God working through each and every community member, and they have all touched my heart in immeasurable ways. Although we go to these communities to help the people, I always leave feeling like I’ve been helped by them too.

~Marybeth Buchanan

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