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Team Reveille is in Honduras!

Monday, July 23 2018

Today the Friends of Barnabas team visited a community named El Pilón, located an hour and a half from Alfredo House. This mountainous village has two one-room schoolhouses: one called Escuela Rural Mixta, where the children were checked in and visited clinical stations, and another a few hundred yards away that housed the dental and vision clinic. When we arrived, several families were already waiting, and many young boys helped us unload medicines and equipment from the truck as we set up for the day.

Today, I worked at the pharmacy, where I primarily measured and delivered medicines as the medical professionals requested. Although it took a little while to remember where medicines were located, Lyn (another volunteer), Joel (FOB staff), and I were soon working efficiently. As we got into a rhythm, I could better listen to the medical professionals and translators communicate with families from the community. I was surprised by the diversity of visiting groups: first, and older gentleman; then, a mom, her husband, and their three toddling children; after that, two teenage sisters. All were incredibly kind and genuinely appreciative of the FOB team.

I was particularly struck by a small girl, no older than three, who wandered away from her clinic station to explore the pharmacy. With smiling eyes, she explored under our table, especially interested in the color varieties of the toothbrushes. We noticed that her feet were bare, and Lidia found a pair of tiny pink flip flops for her to try on. Once outfitted, she sprinted the length of the classroom over and over, clearly enthused by the gift. It was incredibly humbling to see how a small contribution could mean so much.

This is my second trip to Honduras with FOB. As an aspiring physician with considerable interest in the field of public health, days and opportunities like these inform and influence my identity as a global citizen, and for that I am forever grateful.

~Kate Daniel

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