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ECD Team Reflects on their Week of Service during their Final Day in Honduras

Today was our last day seeing patients as this summer’s Early Childhood Development team.

We spent the early part of the morning cleaning all the toys we used during the week and talking with Lilian and Pascuala about how to use all the activities in the backpacks we had made earlier in the week. We told them about how all the activities can be used for children of all ages and shared our dream about having a lending library for all the patients coming into the clinic.

We also saw two families today, both of which had older children. They were excited to write stories for us using the alphabet cards and playing with the bouncy balls as their siblings waited for their appointments at the clinic. Looking back on this week, one of our favorite things was being able to work with the siblings of the patients.

Their eyes would light up as we talked and played with them. It is easy to sometimes focus a lot of energy onto a child that has health issues, and healthy siblings can sometimes not get as much attention as they want. So it was nice to be able to show families activities that all of their children can do together and that will benefit them alike.

As the day came to a close, we had some wonderful coffee down at the local cafe and visited the cacao farm. The scenery from the top of the Lenca ceremonial site reminded us all of the beauty of Honduras and all of the people in it we were able to experience this week.

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