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Early Childhood Development Team Meets Families

July 2, 2018

Today was the first day we were hands on with the families in the Extended Care Program After putting together all of our kits the night before, getting a good nights sleep, and gearing up with a cup of coffee in the morning we were ready for our first day.

We started by meeting the staff, a lovely group with endless love and passion for the community. After we met the staff, talked about the days schedule, and prayed it was time to greet the families. Standing in our scrubs excitedly waiting for the families to arrive the air was filled with possibility. When the first group of families arrived Sarah started with a simple introduction which Cori translated. Sarah talked about how the beginning years of a child’s development is critical for their education because the baby and toddler years are when necessary motor skills and functions begin evolving.

After the introduction Sarah and Cori went one on one with each family while they explained each activity and how it helped with child development. Sarah and Cori were also able to delve into ways the families could adjust the activities for the kids different ages and learning levels. While they did this Katey helped stimulate the kids and strengthen hand eye motor coordination by playing with a bouncy ball, playing monkey in the middle, puzzles, and reading.

We were able to talk to 8 families today and can’t wait for the families we can help tomorrow.

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