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Early Child Development Team - July 1, 2018

The early childhood development team has arrived. While we are small in numbers we are mighty in spirit and effort.

After acclimating ourselves, enjoying wonderful meals, and learning more about the area we spent our time getting ready for the families we will see. The idea we will present to the families in extended care this week is that parents are their children’s first teachers. We will be sharing practical ways parents can help their child before they even going to school.

Today we spent a good portion of the day cutting out abc sorting cards and labeling color/shape flash cards. These cards went into cinch sacks along with jumbo crayons, journals, pencils, pencil sharpeners, number tracing cards, and early reader books in Spanish. These tools will help parents better prepare their child(ren) for success in school.

This morning we went to a biopark. There we walked around to see the flora and fauna of the area. It was gorgeous and educational. We even saw a blue water pond caused by the minerals from the mountain in the area!

We covet your prayers as we begin this new journey.

Cori Doyle

Sarah Hardymon

Katey Beth Hougland

Patti Wagner

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