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Team Chesterfield's 2nd Day of Clinics

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

A key is a piece of shaped metal that fits into a lock to open it.

A key starts the bus that is driven safely through challenging mountain terrain by Raul, a new member of the FOB-Honduras staff.

A key opens the box where we store our passports that each have a Honduras stamp!

A smile from a Honduran child is the key that unlocks each team member’s heart. Many of our hearts were opened today by a little boy named Kevin!

Corinto Meamber is a remote community located in Comayagua inside of a National Park. This is our 3rd visit to this community and several team members reconnected with families they cared for during past visits.

Sarah was thrilled to see a little girl who showed great improvement since last year. She is still waiting for eye surgery…maybe next year we will see her in even better health.

Joi and Kelli served outside under the trees today. Joi applied fluoride to 44 little sets of teeth. Kelli provided anti-parasite medication for 86 people. Parasites rob the children of precious nutrition.

Isaiah served with Joel, another new FOBF-Honduran employee, as the pharmacy partner. He counted pills, reconstituted antibiotics and found every bottle, tube, and bandage the medical staff needed to care for the families. Isaiah supported the med folks by taking blood pressures, listening to lung sounds and answering all shouts of “I need_____”.

Beth has gone from novice to expert in 2 days. She worked with Jasmine, her translator, to provide care for more than 75 people including several adults with critically high blood pressures. She also had her share of chunky, healthy, breastfed babies.

Janet ended her day assessing sisters who both had cardiac anomalies. The 4 year old had both a murmur and an irregular heart rhythm. The 12 year old had an irregular heart rhythm. They will both be followed-up by FOB’s Extended Care Program.

It was a very busy day so Joanne’s devotion featuring the Serenity Prayer was a perfect inspiration for us. “God grant me the serenity to accept what we cannot change, the courage to change the things we can, and the wisdom to know the difference.”

Shout out to all the parents of the JTCC students-they are doing great!!!


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