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Greetings from El Palmar Sung in Perfect Key

Monday, May 21, 2018

Another meaning for the word key is in reference to the pitch or tone of a person’s voice especially when singing.

Our first day began with a beautiful greeting in El Palmar sung in perfect key by the students and principal at the school. The children here are blessed to have wonderful role models in the 2 men and 1 woman who teach and guide them. The teachers were present throughout the day swooping in to add calm reassurance to a boy in the dental clinic during an extraction by Dr. Claire. Drew and Emmalyn added support and care as needed in the dental clinic.

Team Chesterfield has visited this community 3 times and we are beginning to recognize each other. Robin’s patient said “I remember you. I pray for you and I love you.” Remmie reconnected with a little girl who continues to tug at his heart strings.

The new pediatric eye screening system has launched with great success. In a dark corner of the room Larry Heidorn assisted “Oto” to screen 90 children. Four children received eye referrals to a pediatric eye doctor-partner in Honduras. “FOBF Helping the Children of Honduras One Child at a Time!”

Did I mention the tilapia dinner that was almost too pretty to eat…I said almost…it was delicious!


Team Chesterfield began our devotions exploring Matthew 16:19.

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