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Home Visits to ECP Patients

The Extended Care Program was developed for children whose medical needs go beyond the care provided by the Community Health Clinics. The children in this program visit Barnabas House regularly for check ups, medications and for educational workshops for their parents. Sometimes it's not possible for the child to make it to Barnabas House, and in those cases we make home visits.

This past week we were privileged to have long time supporter, Charnell Blair, at our Barnabas House in Honduras. Yesterday she traveled with our staff to make several home visits. Here is her journal:

At 8:20 this morning I left in the pickup truck with Lidia Cano, Program Assistant, and Dalila Navarro LVN, Nurse for Extended Care, to visit three children in their homes. Geovany Pineda, FOBF driver, impressed me all day with his skill on good roads and the seemingly nonexistent ones. His compassion for the children we visited was obvious. It was his first experience, as well as mine, for Home Visits. When medical problems are identified, it is important for the families to bring the children regularly for exams by the FOBF Dr. Moncada and the nurses. However, there is often no money or transportation for a family to do it. The staff keeps records to follow up when needed.

Anthony had cardiac surgery provided by Dr. Paz, who was trained by Friends of Barnabas. (Previously there was no pediatric cardiac surgeon in Honduras.) He is now a happy child and can play, but he needs two additional surgeries to correct a complicated problem.

Wendy has neurological problems and seizures. However, she is better with the medications and doctor care funded through Friends of Barnabas. Her grandmother has cared for her from infancy and has had no contact with the mother since that time.

Ahisahar suffers from seizures, low weight, strabismus and West syndrome. If orthopedic shoes do not help, he will need surgery. His mother had to move away to find work to support Ahisahar and the grandparents. Getting to his home was a 30 minute drive from the main road onto a rocky dirt road. To get a bus, the family must walk that road.

Dalila said the living conditions we saw were typical of those families served and cared for by Friends of Barnabas.

It was 3:30 when we arrived back at Alfredo’s House. I had difficulty getting to sleep after such a day.


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