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Trinity Team has Arrived in Honduras

Saturday March 17th 2018

We started our day at Richmond airport at 430am. After checking in our 26 bags of luggage we had a sendoff from comedian Tiffany Haddish and then perfect uneventful flights through Atlanta. At San Pedro Sula we were met by Walter, Joel, and Nury.

We got to work right away putting together giveaways for the communities for this week. The boys needed something to do so you can see them folding and bagging diapers.

Dinner was delicious as usual and then Nury discussed a few team guidelines for the week. Joseph led the devotion.

Mark led a raucous game of Aunt Sally which was apparently new for a few people.

It’s warm and humid after several days of rain. We are anxiously looking forward to serving God's people.

Sunday March 18th 2018

Our second day started off very special. After breakfast we gathered out front under the gaze of the Santa Barbara Mountain and spread the ashes of our beloved friend and fellow missionary, Don Pierce. The morning was cool and clear, the mountain covered in mist, Don Boyd’s voice strong in its delivery gave a beautiful eulogy… it couldn’t have been more perfect.

We followed up our memorial service by driving down to the canal and kayaking out to Yojoa Lake. Despite the joking that there were many alligators on lake, we had no dangerous encounters and everyone was able to exit their boats without taking a dip… even Dr. Curry!

After getting back to the Barnabas House, it was time to count pills. With lots of music and plenty of coffee, it only took two hours and ten minutes to count and bag all of the medicine for this week. Near the end we were introduced to our new companions for the week, the Physical Therapy students from the National University of Honduras. Linda was very thrilled to take dancing lesson from one of the students while listening to Latin dance music.

We went to a restaurant for dinner, it was very Honduras.

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