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Many Blessings

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Good morning from Honduras!

Today was a great day, due in part to not having a flat tire!! This morning we traveled to the community "La Venada" located in Zacapa. No better feeling after a rollercoaster bus ride up and down mountain sides, than to be greeted by dozens of the local children waving and running along side the bus, guiding us to their village safely.

We set up shop and went straight to work. Each community helps us set up in return for FOBF coming to help serve them.

One highlight was a healthy 3 day old girl blessing us with her new little smile. We were blessed before we could literally open the door to the bus. A boy that some of our veteran staff has seen before (William), jumped onto our bus to give a hug to each person before we could even stand up. No better way to start the day!

One of our amazing doctors blessed the children and all of us with songs during lunch today. Stickers, bubbles and coloring books were probably the highlight of the day for the children, as they have been each day thus far. It's amazing to see how something we do easily take for granted brings these children so much joy! It's so very easy to love on these kids. The long days, the bumpy bus rides through the mountains and the lack of sleep are quickly forgotten when you see the smile on the children's faces and when we receive hugs from grateful mothers.

As always, we greatly appreciate your thoughts and prayers as we continue to serve others.

Jesus bless you all!

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