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Final Thoughts

Journal 6

Wow. What a week our team had.

Before anything else- way to go Team 5 Chesterfield 2017! Our week was such a success because of each and every one of our teammates. We all worked so well with one another, by midweek we were finishing each other's sentences!

Whit was not only one of our doctors but also did all of her own translating! She was on top of her game every day, and when one of the nurses needed an extra eye, ear, or opinion, Whit was ready and there for them. She has been there for us all on this journey- whether to pull a large (hand-sized) bug out of Phyllicia's hair on the bus or to save a small dragonfly from drowning.

Miguel, one of our nursing students, isn't seen much in our pictures not only because he was keeping busy in clinic but the breaks he took were walking around and observing and taking pictures of us all and the children and families in different communities. The man behind the lens. I personally need to thank Miguel for working with me in order to coordinate our posts and pictures, another way our team worked well together.

Phoebe, a nursing student, was fantastic with all the kids! Our first clinic day she got out on the field and was playing fútbol with all the boys! She had no fear trying to learn Spanish and practice it. Phoebe kept all of us laughing and on our toes. She has taught us all so much, the smallest being that it is always okay to be ourselves.

Kailyn, also a nursing student, was a joy to have on our team. She is a hard worker, compassionate, and has the smile to prove it. In her downtime she spent time painting nails, blowing bubbles, and supporting other teammates. Try to catch one of her smiles some day, hers too, are contagious.

One last nursing student, Erika. That's me. I have been in charge of writing to keep everyone updated. I'm so very lucky to have been chosen to do this "job" (I was excited for no homework to be honest, yet this homework was a bit more intimidating than the nursing studying I have been so accustomed to). I spent a lot of my downtime observing my teammates and their interactions within the community. I usually ended my days helping pack up in the clinic. No matter where I was assigned each day, I'd go around and have children choose a sticker (usually ask them what it was.. they'd say "caballo, vaca, pez, gato, perro, etc) and each child lit up when they got the sticker, they were all so appreciative.

We all appreciate you. Thank you to all who in somehow in some way, made this Mission Trip not only possible but successful. Whether you donated, supported us, prayed for us... thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Hasta luego nuestros amigos, nuestra familia.

Hasta la próxima vez.

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