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Contagious Smiles

Journal 3

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Our clinic today was held in the community of El Cedral. This community holds a special place in our hearts as it has recently been adopted by Grace Lutheran's Church. We were given the opportunity to bless 375 individuals with medical care and in addition give 32 referrals and 1 ECP referral.

Today Kristi, a student nurse, really stepped up to help out in the clinic. She took it upon herself to begin taking blood pressures for those in line waiting to go inside the clinic in order to help the nurses and doctors with their assessments. Not only was this a kind gesture for our volunteers but it also made the wait hobby quicker for those in line. Thank you Kristi!

All of our medical team worked very diligently, we started clinic very early and stopped seeing anyone after 4:30pm- the latest we have worked yet. Robin, one of our team nurses, could cure someone with her contagious smile. Today she saw members from the community of all different ages, families big and small, and even some twin sisters who were so brave and had teeth extracted prior to going to the medical clinic. Robin was even able to get these twin girls to smile, cotton stuffed mouths and all.

What could be more fun than trying to keep your teeth dry? Well, trying to keep your teeth dry for some fluoride that is being painted on by our awesome volunteer Matthew, a university student! Matthew isn't one of our team translators but he seems to have a hidden Spanish talent that is becoming useful! He knows just enough to be able to communicate with the children, making him so popular among them. Watch out for this guy, he just might surprise us with something one day.

Our week so far has been incredible, and incredible it will be for the remainder of our time here in Honduras.

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