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Danville's Last Day of Cinics

Journal 6

Friday, April 28, 2017

Our final full day in Honduras proved to be one of the most rewarding in so many ways. Our team visited Los Hules, Rio Lindo Cortes, the fifth and final village we were to serve this week. Los Hules is home to 240 people, living in 44 houses, all with outdoor latrines and indoor fireplaces. The community’s water source is a fountain 5.5 km away. A 5.5 km walk is required to travel to the nearest health center, which is where prenatal care is offered, though a midwife does service the community. The general clinic served 163 people. Vitamins were distributed to 207 families. Deworming medication was given to 99 children. Twenty-eight children received fluoride treatments. The eye clinic saw 46 patients. The dental clinic saw 16 patients resulting in 24 extractions. There were seven referrals for ongoing medical care. One child was referred for the Friends of Barnabas Extended Care Program. This small village was the shortest distance to travel. We finished our work and said our goodbyes to the kind families and beautiful children of Los Hules, and made our way back to the Friends of Barnabas home base in time to share lunch with our team and staff.

After lunch, a group from our team was able to enjoy more of the natural beauty that Honduras holds. A visit to Pulhapanzak proved to be an incredible bonding experience and a favorite excursion. We soared by zipline above breathtaking waterfalls and felt the mist on our faces as we hiked below it for an incredible view of what we all agreed is one of the most beautiful sites we have beheld.

Tonight Lydia showed our group around the property. We were impressed that so much food that is consumed at Friends of Barnabas is grown in gardens on site. In the yard of the children’s hospital, old tires have been upcycled, painted, and made into vertical planters, which grow onions, garlic, and tomatoes for the children. Pasquala has taken this idea back to some villages that have difficulty growing on their terrain, and has taught them how to use upcycled materials to create their own vertical planters. We were shown the children’s rooms, in which large murals have been recently painted by a high school youth group in Noah’s Ark, outer space, and underwater themes.

Our team enjoyed a final dinner together, followed by communion. Ronnie and Eddie led us as we broke bread and prayed together. We are all so thankful for the opportunity to serve the people of Honduras in this way, to be a part of the amazing ministry of Friends of Barnabas, and to work alongside each other and the dedicated staff. This week, our team visited 5 rural villages in the mountains of Honduras. The general clinic served 1,016 patients. Vitamins were distributed to 972 families. Deworming medication was given to 593 children. Fluoride was applied to 201 children’s teeth. The eye clinic saw 196 patients. The dental clinic treated 119 patients, for a total of 161 extractions. Forty-five people were referred for ongoing medical treatment, and 12 children were referred to the Friends of Barnabas Extended Care Program. Though the days were difficult long, hot, and remote, the work was rewarding. Our team was cohesive. The children were a delight. The families were appreciative. We were blessed. This operation was, in the words of Rev. Linwood Cook and Dr. Judy, a “well-oiled machine.”

Thank you to Friends of Barnabas, the health professionals and staff who assisted with our mission, those who financially supported this mission and those who provide ongoing support, those who have prayed, and those who have supported us throughout this journey. Through this mission trip, we have been able to provide the most basic and fundamental medical care to children and families in need. This mission has touched, blessed, and changed the members of our team in so many ways. We brought what we could bring to the families of Honduras, yet we are taking home with us so much more.

In Christ,

The Danville Team

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