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A Day in Miraflores

Journal 2

Monday, April 24, 2017

Today marked our third day in Honduras, and our first day of conducting medical clinics in local villages. The day began early, with breakfast at 6:30 am, followed by a brief meeting, wherein we finalized our assignments for the day. By 7:30, our team had boarded the bus, and our journey to the village of Miraflores had begun.

Upon our arrival in Miraflores, a mountain village with a population of about four hundred people, a crowd of children and their families had already gathered and were waiting for the team. The clinic was established at a multi-room schoolhouse. One room served as a general medical clinic with a pharmacy, in which nurses treated 188 patients and provided needed medication. Another classroom served as a dental clinic. The local dentist, Dr. Arita, provided dental care. Eleven patients received dental care, including 16 extractions. A third schoolroom was converted into an eye care clinic, serving 37 people. A tent was set up outside, under which 151 people received vitamins, 91 children received anti-parasitic (deworming) shots, 30 children received fluoride treatment.

After being seen, the children played soccer, parachute games, and payed in the sand by the schoolhouse. Ronnie Dillon took family photos and printed the pictures on a portable photo printer to give to each family. For many of these families, this may be the only family photo they have. Families were lining up to have Ronnie take their pictures. It was a joy to see the children appear to be generally healthy, laughing, smiling, and happy. The experienced medical professionals on our team agreed that this group of people are healthier than the average groups they serve. This village has been served numerous times over the past several years, so this is likely a testament to the continuity of care in their village.

The team was able to see everyone who came to the clinic, which wrapped up just as the rain began. Following the clinic, the team stopped at a coffee shop in Pena Blanca on the way back to Alfredo House.

We enjoyed dinner together back at Alfredo House this evening, followed by a group devotion based upon Les Miserables, led by Dr. John Crews. Ronnie Dillon led the group in prayer. Jesse shared with the group that he had given his cross to a man with club feet who spoke to his heart. Our cross necklaces were hand carved and donated to our team to be given away to a special person who touches us during the week.

Tomorrow the team will travel to the community of “La Venada,” Zacapa, one of the poorest communities we serve. We are praying for a safe and successful trip and covet your prayers as we venture out for another day or service.

In Christ,

The Danville Team

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