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Our 10,000th Dental Patient

Journal 4

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

We visited Cerro Azul, Taulabe, Comayagua where we treated 251 in general clinic, 52 in the eye clinic and 37 in the dental clinic. Dr. Arita saw FOB's 10,000th patient in the dental clinic! It was very exciting to be a part of such an accomplishment. Our patient has a previous FOB connection. Her first daughter was born with clubfoot, and she gave her away because of the medical cost. A pastor and his wife adopted the baby. The team was touched by the story and how this mother continues to follow the progress of her daughter.

Rev Mike asked us where we saw Jesus today. We saw him in the strength of a 17 year old girl with a 2 year old baby. We saw him in an 88 year old man, who received a fleece blanket. We saw him in a 9 year old boy who was helping his 3 year old brother and the rest of his family. We saw him in our first patient, a 77 year old woman. We saw him in a crying girl who once held closely, needed love. We saw him in Marco, who was administering eye exams. We saw him in children who wanted to be weighed. We saw him in a woman who needed chapstick. We saw him in a crying child who was happy when he received a cross. We saw him in the eyes of Luis. We saw him in the children's eyes as they were having their teeth extracted. We see him daily in the faces of the nursing staff as they assessed each patient. We see him daily as we are making a difference.

Today is International Women's Day. More six word phrases from Terry are "School yard charm with God's creatures" and "Gods glory happens on chicken farms" and from Mike who said "Don't be afraid. It is I".

-Anne Van Wart

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