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Adventurous Day of Clinics

Journal 3

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

We started off this morning in a very special way, we got to sit down with all of the FOB staff to eat breakfast together as a unified team. We sat next to people we didn't necessarily know and some who didn't speak the same language to share in eating a meal prepared by our wonderful kitchen staff. Then began our adventurous day.

After a 90 minute bus ride (and a few wrong turns) we finally arrived at our destination. We served a community of people who were very polite and thankful we were there. The children were clean and dressed for our clinic. They were very excited about the crosses we gave them.

New this year, children under the age of 5 get a height, weight and head circumference that are then plotted on a growth chart. Jamie, Courtney and Don did a great job working this station together and finding what worked best.

We are able to run 7 medical stations this year between Dr. Curry, Dr. Moncada, Dr. Hart, Cheryl, Virginia, David and Christina. This allows for the general clinic to run much for efficiently and allows us more time with each family.

Christina started her day by seeing a family of 9. She was able to take a lot of time working with each child and making sure that the entire family had everything that they needed before leaving the clinic.

Dr. Curry saw a young boy this morning that was barely able to communicate with his mother. We suspected him to be deaf and we were able to refer him to the extended care clinic.

David treated a young boy for warts between his toes. David washed his feet and then applied the proper medication, it was a very special moment for David and others watching.

The entire team agreed that this community was very appreciative and that this was a very successful day.

-Courtney Green

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