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Trinity UMC

Journal 1

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Our alarm clock this morning was listening to Drew Wilson, Trinity's Associate Pastor, playing his guitar in the veranda early in the morning. Really, a good way to start the day.

Our morning devotion was "Putting God's Love into Action" by Larry. After breakfast we headed out to a botanical park to see the glory of God's creation. We walked paths covered with flowers, plants, and giant bamboo. It was like a cathedral with flowers.

We made it home for lunch. We put on some music to begin separating the multitudes of medications into their separate bags for the days of the week. By the time we finished with our medications we were all singing together. This attracted the attention of several little orphans who came over to listen to us sing. Cheryl pulled one of them onto the patio to dance. She seemed to love it by the smiles on her face.

We finished off the day with a sunset at a Honduras restaurant where we had delicious tilapia fish and watched the sun go down. Finishing the day with a devotion,"Here I am Lord,'' by Cheryl. As we sang, the song brought out the passion of this ministry and brought the day to a close. We will begin our Monday morning at a village called Mojarras tomorrow morning. Can't wait!

-Courtney Green

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