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All In A Day's Work

Journal 3

The Friends of Barnabas repair crew had a busy day at the Barnabas House, and at 10:30 p.m. they were on top of the bus repairing a leak. It has been a full day of painting, plumbing, electrical work, frame work and light fixture installations that is creating a safe, clean and enjoyable atmosphere for those teams who follow during the upcoming year. They just don’t know when to call it a day!

The entire kitchen and dining room area, three bedrooms, and two bathrooms in the Barnabas House all received a fresh coat of paint. The outdoor cooking area was framed in and ready to install the screen to keep insects out while the staff cooks. An electrical short that had created a fire hazard was repaired by replacing and rerouting wire. A vent was installed to eliminate odor from the septic system. An emergency light was installed in the kitchen area so that the area would still be lit in the event of a power outage. Incidentally, the power is out as I write this journal.

This repair crew can accomplish more in one day than most crews can accomplish in three days.

-Steve Claxton

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