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Take a Hike!

Journal 4

Today started with a great breakfast with the Honduran staff. Susan enjoyed learning about the different local staff members and how we all work together as a team to take care of the patients.

The devotion from Shirley was about a little boy who braved a rough flight during a storm because he had faith in his father, the pilot of the plane. We need to remember to have faith in God during times of difficulty.

We made it most of the way to El TonTolo in Las Vegas, Santa Barbara but the bus couldn’t maneuver to the church. We had to hike down a steep hill. El Tontolo has approximately 230 people living in 50 houses with outdoor latrines, electricity, potable water and water fountain.

Shirley was impressed with how Larry and Jay initiated a harmonized recitation of the Lord’s Prayer. Beverly noticed that the community had cars and a slightly higher level of living.

221 patients were seen with 18 referrals. Sharon noticed that despite the many health issues, the community was very supportive of each other. Jessica noted that it was challenging to get the true history from patients due to odd associations such as foot pain and liver disease. Dale encountered several cardiac issues in her patients. Michelle met an asthmatic boy who had to walk up the steep hill whenever he needed a nebulizer treatment.

Carlos learned about various diseases and genetic issues that impacted the community. Nareesa was surprised at how first world problems (hypertension, diabetes) were affecting rural Hondurans. Yolanda found several young mothers who had hypertension. Peggy helped in the medical clinic by washing ears. She successfully removed a pea-sized wax plug from a girl’s ear.

Donnie, Evelyn, and Barrett saw 108 patients for deworming, dispensed 181 vitamin packets, and 34 patients received fluoride. Evelyn stated the orange beverage makes the medicine go down. She gave her cross to little Katherine who spent the day at the station with Barrett. He said Katherine’s presence was comforting. Donnie agreed that the orange soda did help and was reminded that all mothers want the best for their children. Donnie gave his cross to his new friend Donny who helped out in the deworming clinic.

Dental clinic saw 27 patients with 37 extractions. Dr. Arita had an audience with all the children watching him work. Jay helped with an elderly lady who was going through a difficult extraction, she grabbed his hand and held it for comfort.

43 patients came through the eye clinic today. Tariq remembered an elderly gentleman who had a walker and was laughing as he shuffled into the clinic. He was joking with everyone around him and was just as jovial as he could be. He barely needed glasses to read!

After an awesome dinner of fried chicken and mashed potatoes, we had our evening devotional. Jay talked about how we can’t always see each other’s true light because it is hidden by manmade distractions.

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