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Little Hearts Project - Mentor Team

Journal 2 - Surgery Day 2

Monday Night at the Barnabas House

It is quiet at the Barnabas House. Three of our patients are already at Hospital Ruth Paz. Obed and Maryuri will have surgery tomorrow. Two patients are still hanging out here with the staff; Jose Luis, Dayana. Brisny has had her surgery and is doing well, for which we are all thankful.

While the children played, or napped, we had several visitors come by. Sra. Williams, from the local tilapia producer Aquafinca, came by to see what we do and hear our story. Aquafinca has been a wonderful supporter for FOB for several years now, but Sra. Williams is new to their director position. She was thrilled to hear about all we do, as well as to meet some of our patients.

We have had two patients who, sadly, will not have surgery this week. We are praying that they will be able to have surgery soon. The blessing of Little Hearts is that now these kids won't have to wait as long as they did before.

Being here in the quiet allows time to reflect, dream, and pray. We have done all of those things today. We have reflected on how we are always in God’s care. We have dreamt of new projects with ongoing supporters. We have continually prayed that all that is happening in San Pedro Sula is going well and will be successful. And we have prayed for you.

~ Patti

Tuesday at Ruth Paz Hospital

Yesterday's patient Brisny is awake and almost ready to smile for a picture. Some patients are here in the ICU waiting for surgery or transport back to Barnabas House, like Maryuri and Antoni, pictured here.

The mentor team is engaging in teaching and training all the time, and some social interaction as well - the Ruth Paz kitchen staff is making sure our team is well fed! This roving photographer caught Dr. Paz and the perfusionist team of Claudia and Michael enjoying a snack this afternoon.

This morning, 13 month old Obed went in for surgery, with his mom and dad anxiously looking on. Only one parent is usually allowed in the ICU at one time, so mom and dad have been taking turns while Obed was waiting for surgery yesterday. Several hours later, he returned after his surgery, and the rules were bent a little as his parents watched the OR team get Obed settled back in his room. All reports say that he did just fine in the operating room, so we will look forward to tomorrow when we may be able to get a post-op smile out of him!

Two year old Maryuri (pronounced like Marjorie) was scheduled to go second today in the operating room. But unfortunately, we have had to delay Maryuri's surgery for now. If a child has any kind of infection, anywhere, then she becomes high risk and the surgery team decided that it was best for us to wait until she's better. Hopefully it will be very soon.

Thank you to all of you who are following along with the adventures of the Little Hearts team. Through your prayers, you are with us here in the operating room, at Barnabas House, and in the ICU. Thank you for your support of this ministry, and we ask for your prayers to continue.

~ Mary Beth

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