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Good Air, Beautiful People

AL/CA/MD/VA Team Journal 2

Clinic Day - Buenos Aires

After a delicious breakfast and an hour’s drive, we arrived in Buenos Aires early this morning and were greeted warmly by the whole village who patiently waited why we unloaded and got organized. Men, women, and children were all dressed in their Sunday best. Beautiful faces and smiles!

Raleigh and Virginia worked the eye clinic and were extremely touched to witness young patients receiving the gift of sight and were particularly struck by the joy and amazement on patients’ faces.

Kara and Bill worked with Dr. Arita in the dental clinic and bravely witnessed the pulling of 28 teeth. Fortunately, they were armed with nail polish which helped alleviate Kara’s stress and, of course, the children as well!

Daniel, Wesley, and Megan ably staffed the deworming and fluoride clinic. After a busy and productive day, they played keep away soccer with the young children. Megan very conscientiously followed the strict order not to let the children have the soccer ball so that it may given to the teacher. Several young lads kept asking for the ball, but Megan steadfastly followed her instructions. Long story short….the ball actually belonged to the boys which led to a sheepish (yet, let’s face it, hysterical) apology!

Dr. Shea, Jessica, Doriane, Frank, Stephanie, Don along with FOB doctor, Dra. Moncada staffed the 6 stations in the medical clinic assisted by Amy and Cardy in the pharmacy. The team was impressed with the overall health of the community. The children were well nourished, happy, and bright-eyed! A total of 238 patients were treated in the clinic mainly for upper respiratory, dehydration, muscle and joint pain.

After a very quick and abrupt departure due to an impending storm, we returned to an extraordinary feast, featuring Virginia’s and Albita’s tilapia dinner with fresh vegetables and rice and oh my goodness, flan! Yes, some unnamed team members had seconds! Immediately following dinner, we experienced a true Honduran storm which Stephanie captured in an amazing photo.

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