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Almost There!

After months of hiking the Appalachian Trail, believe it or not, our intrepid hiker friend Steve Claxton is finally nearing the northern end! He is projecting to complete this epic journey of 2,190 miles at the end of August, and we at Friends of Barnabas are so thankful for his dedication and tremendous efforts.

Rev. Linwood Cook recently received a text from Steve that said he had slept his with his feet in New Hampshire and his head in Maine. He has reached his last state with only 280 miles to go.

His plan is to arrive at Mount Katahdin, Maine on August 23, climb the mountain on the 24th, and fly back to his home in North Carolina from Bangor on the 25th. He already has made his plane reservations!

Because of Steve, and because of Kyle Kirby who had the idea in the first place and because of Ronnie Dillon who recruited Steve to carry the FOB flag, they have raised over $31,000 for the children of Honduras!

You can help us push that number up! Help us cheer Steve on during these last couple weeks! Make a final donation today to show your appreciation for Steve and for all that he has done for children in Honduras.

We will have Friends of Barnabas friends there to meet him at the end of the trail. If you are interested in doing that, please let us know and we can help you get the details of where and when.

Donate today and help us reach the end of the trail!

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