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Choices and Promises

Youth Journal 3

This morning, the youth group arrived in the small village of El Palmar where we were welcomed by a happy group of kids, singing their welcoming greeting to us. After the song concluded, we ventured into the school yard where we split up into three groups: arts and crafts, workshop, and games. The focus of all of our activities were choices and promises.

The workshop group began by asking each child what kind of decisions they have to make each day and then incorporating that into a conversation about how good decisions will lead to a more desirable outcomes whether it be within their community, within their families, or within their careers.

The most fun and energetic segment of the day was the games station; it consisted of a small field with cliff edges on either side, edges that balls fell off of often which the children fearlessly stumbled down to retrieve. While the language barrier affected the arts and workshop stations greatly, the games we played often required no explicit language; the most gratifying portion was teaching the children how to play baseball and seeing their joyful reactions at learning a new activity. While they only used a stick, tennis ball, and miscellaneous rocks as bases, they were still ecstatic at interacting with the team.

The staff and adults at the school were incredibly nice and considerate, traits that were reflected by each of the children, they all eagerly interacted and cared for the kids and they showed us through words and actions that they were glad we were there to help and be with them in their community.

We - Friends of Barnabas - send youth teams to Honduras to plant seeds. They plant seeds in Honduras, in the children they meet, and they also plant seeds of promise within their own hearts and lives. Who knows what those seeds will eventually bloom into, but we do know that Dios cumple sus promesas!

Please continue to pray for these youth and adults who are meeting God through serving children in the mountains of Honduras this week.

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