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Bienvenidos a Honduras

Youth Team Journal 2

Día dos (Day 2).

We started our day with another amazing meal prepared by Albeta and Virginia. No doubt they altered their usual desayuno (breakfast) style to meet the liking of our American tongues -- pancakes, scrambled eggs, and Honey Bunches of Oats cereal. After breakfast, we took a short trip through town to the Casa de Angeles to visit Sister Maria and the children that she feeds five days a week. We were greeted by curious souls that exclaimed "Gringos!" and pouting perros (dogs) that roamed around in search of food. They sang "Bienvenidos" for us as our feet stepped through the facility gates.

We started our session with the kids by introducing ourselves, then moving on to an interactive warm up song called "Tooty Ta," which they especially loved, asking to go through the song again and again after we finished the first two rounds. From there, we moved on to the really fun stuff-- the piñata. It was so fun watching the anticipation on their faces, and watching their little feet start to move every time the stick and piñata made contact. After the piñata was broken, tears were shed upon missing the first round of candy, and all of the trash was picked up, then we moved on to the arts and crafts.

We broke up into groups around tables, and passed out animal mask templates. The kids colored them in, and many of them proceeded to make the noise of whatever animal they had, smiles wide with joy. Entonces, (then), it was time to pass out the goodies. We gave out chips and toothbrushes and juices, and felt really good to see the kids so happy at receiving the gifts.

"It was actually really funny when I was passing out the toothbrushes, and came down to only pink at an all-boys table. When I handed it to the first boy, he looked at it and yelled, "para una mujer (for a woman)! Quiero uno para un hombre (I want one for a man)" and so I had to get another bag and give then boys the green or orange toothbrushes, lol." -- V

Our time at Casa de Angeles was ended with passing out lunch to the kids. It was bittersweet having to leave them because they were just so sweet. Pero, (but), we got to see another group of sweeties later...

When we returned to the Casa de Bernabé, we were welcomed with lunch. We were served tacos, which we made ourselves and filled with chicken and fresh toppings including onions, chives, and tomatoes. After about an hour of down time, the children from the orphanage next door and children of the FOB staff joined us. For our craft, we split them into groups depending on age. The younger kids made rainbows out of tissue paper pieces, while the older kids had the option of making a bracelet or necklace. After our craft, we once again brought out a piñata for the kids to destroy. After many attempts from the little arms of the kids, the piñata finally busted, sending the kids sprawling on the ground to gather as much candy as possible. To end our time together, we played a game of soccer with teams consisting of FOB staff, team members, and children.

Our first full day in the community was an overall success. We look forward to keep spreading the love of Christ throughout the communities of Honduras for the next three days.

--V and Cliff

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