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Bubbles and Stone

Chesterfield, VA

Mountain Medical Team

It was not our first day out experiencing the wonders of Honduras, nor was it our first day in a community lending a helping hand, an attentive ear, or much needed medical attention. However, it was the very first time for the people of Corinto Meambar in Comayagua to receive the care from FOB, and the team was received with open hearts.

Today we helped 258 patients in the medical clinic, we gave supplies of vitamins to 388 people, we saw 64 patients in the dental clinic, and we referred 28 patients to receive follow up care, either through FOB's Extended Care Program for kids with special needs, or with another local medical provider.

Even though it was not the first time for the team members out in the community the experience was just as amazing. Zach attracted a swarm of boys to play Frisbee. It was Forrest’s first day in the dental clinic and admired the school girl’s bravery. The school teacher, a 19 year old young man was ecstatic and grateful about the books that he received for his students. Thanks to Bonnie Fink for arranging the book donations!

Every night after we go out to the community clinics, we come back home to share a meal and devotions. Each team member rotates and shares a devotional.

Tonight’s was short and sweet:

“Life is mostly froth and bubble.

Two things stand like stone,

Kindness in another’s trouble,

Courage in your own.”

-–Adam Lindsey Graham

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