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The Little Hearts Project

Mentor Team

Yesterday, Reyna and Nolvia had surgery. Reyna is 17 years old and Nolvia is 20. They are officially the princesses of the ICU. What brave young women who have waited many years for this new lease on life. Their rooms are side by side and their sweet mothers have been doting on them nonstop. We were able to pull recliners out past the doors to their rooms so that they could sit together. They certainly have a shared experience that most girls their age cannot imagine.

Sadly, today two surgeries needed to be cancelled. While incredible strides are being made and we are excited that the Little Hearts Project is able to function on its own, the reality is that it is still in its very beginning.

The truth is, given the project has the only pediatric cardiac surgeon and the only pediatric cardiac perfusionist in Honduras, it is vulnerable should either be unable to work in the OR. Unfortunately, our perfusionist was sick today. This obviously changed our day and has bumped two of our kids to surgical spots in the coming month. Luckily, the families were very understanding and our team pulled together, continuing their teaching of support staff and working on medicine and supply inventories.

The good news is that now these kids don't have to wait months or more for surgery. As soon as the Honduran team is well and logistics are in place, these two children will receive the care they need as soon as possible through the Little Hearts Project.

Most of our team flies home tomorrow. Four children had heart surgery this week, one child had an interventional heart catheterization, two children had diagnostic catheterizations, and 20 children had ECHOs done. The Little Hearts Project took a step forward this week. Great things are happening!

Thank you for being part of the first mentor team this week, by following along with the journals. It's like you were there in the ICU and around the breakfast table with us every morning!

Thanks for all you are doing for the children in Honduras.

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