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Harmony UMC Mountain Medical Team

eJournal - Day 1

After a much needed rest, we woke to the sound of rain. Even though this caused the electricity to go out, we were not disappointed with the breakfast. The staff worked to serve us a hot breakfast and even made coffee the “old-fashion way.”

After breakfast, Amy, Charles, and Peter led us in devotions and communion. We then anointed our hands demonstrating our desire for God to use our hands as we serve the people of Honduras. Nury, FOB Honduran Director, and Patti, FOB Medical Operations Coordinator, then gave us a presentation about Friends of Barnabas and shared how we can have an impact as we serve the people of this wonderful country. Afterwards, we enjoyed some lemon grass tea.

We had anticipated a day at the falls, but God had other plans for us today, and as always, he did not disappoint us. We received a great blessing by joining a local congregation in their worship service. The message was on Matthew 18:7, and the pastor talked about self control and how by using our self control we can show the world that we are Christians by the way we live and showing them God’s love. At the end of the service, we prayed together and asked for God’s blessings on our team during this week.

We then came back to Alfredo’s House and enjoyed lunch and spent the afternoon counting pills and organizing supplies that will be distributed as we work throughout the week.

We enjoyed a dinner at local restaurant Las Glorias, and even got to watch the halftime show of the Super Bowl!

To close the day, we are excited about how we are getting to know each other and building new relationships. We came together for a quilting activity which helped us recognize the gifts that each of us bring to this group and are excited to share throughout this week.

Sharon Evick

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