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The Long and Winding Road

Today our team traveled high into the mountains for our first community, La Venada. So poor is this village it touched all our hearts deeply. Surrounded by amazingly beautiful scenery were dozens of huts barely large enough for two people. Though in many of them, five to seven family members shared the space. Some homes were made from mud packed onto boards hammered into a frame which also held up a corrugated metal roof. There was no glass for their windows and most homes did not have four completed walls. Everyone was very happy to see our vehicles pull up as the community had never been visited by a medical mission team.

While the rest of team set up the clinics, Charles and Carlos shared a devotion and prayed with many of the villagers. A blessed sight!

Announcements were made and the clinics began. So many families that I lost count of the number as they filed in and out. We set up five stations in the medical clinic with a pharmacy, a dental clinic, eye clinic, deworming and vitamin station. Dra. Moncada also had her own area where she saw referrals sent to her.

Exhausted, humbled, and overjoyed by the work God had done through our hands we climbed back into our vehicles for the ride home. We were greeted once again with a delicious meal. Karen gave a night time devotion and we all settled in for a good night’s sleep to wake refreshed to do more of God's work tomorrow.

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