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Adventure Just Beginning

Jehovah Jireh, “God will provide,” was experienced today. The morning started with a redeye special for our California team members with an overnight trip to Atlanta where they were to meet up with the Richmond team. That was our plan but "the Provider" had a different plan. The Richmond members of the team got to the Richmond airport at 4:00 AM only to find out that there was a three hour delay in their scheduled flight. This delay would cause us to miss our connection to San Pedro Sula. God was only starting though. United had a flight from Richmond to Newark and then to Honduras which also left at 6:00 AM. However, that was not the flight God wanted us on either as the transfer of tickets took too long and we missed that flight. United representatives got us on a flight to Houston with a connection to San Pedro Sula, arriving only a few hours after our originally scheduled arrival time. The team came together and Nury worked her magic to get all of the luggage and people on the bus and to Alfredo House.

Weary and worn, we unpacked the bus and enjoyed a wonderful first dinner together creating those special bonds with each other that can only be a product of the Holy Spirit and the willing hearts of the volunteers.

Introductions of the team members, a welcome by Nury, and a devotional rounded out the evening. Isn't it amazing that the God who created and sustains the universe can care about each of us and can work through the tangle of the airlines to get us all to where we are supposed to be tonight? He is the Provider and we praise Him and all of those who have helped to put this team where we are tonight.

We rest tonight knowing that we are in the hands of an awesome God who is only starting with us on this adventure.

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