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We gathered on the front steps this morning to take a picture of the staff and team. We have a well photo-documented trip because of all of the photos taken. However, with all of the picture taken this week, I have not seen a single selfie. I think that speaks volumes about the selfless people that are a part of this team. The photo taken this morning is a snapshot of a moment in time that will never occur exactly like this again. Never. It represents a group of people brought together for this one week by our Creator to do what He has created us to do. We are a body with many parts with no part being more important than the others. We have gathered as a body and a community to draw strength from each other and then to use that strength to go out and help the needy communities around us. I noticed in today’s village, Planes del Picacho, how the people gathered together as well. I guess we can all draw strength from gathering together. We gather in homes, churches, Bible studies and small groups in which we gain confidence and courage to be exactly who God created us to be.

Today was a hot day. As the wind blew our papers and supplies we were blown away with the work God had waiting for us. Some powerful stories were written today. Dr. Monisha told us a powerful story about a family that she met in great need. The Friends of Barnabas Foundation will do all they can to get them some help.

We learned about Dr. Monisha’s life journey after dinner. She shared her story about emigrating with her family from India in 1984. One of the ways that she learned about America was by watching the television sitcom “Three’s Company.” She attended UCLA followed by medical school in Pittsburgh where she met her husband. Following some time in Chicago, they moved back to California to be near family. We were all touched by her moving story about how she was able to care for her sick father until he passed away. She learned about FOBF through a presentation by Dr. Ed Chambers who had previously been to Honduras with a medical mountain team. She said that she came on this trip thinking only about the medical aspect, not realizing the full scope of the experience. She and her daughter Meera both said that it has felt like being with family since the very first day. Meera said, “I’ve never met people like you” and “It has been really wonderful.”

Tears were shed tonight from what was shared. More tears will be shed when we say good-bye to them tomorrow since they will be returning home in the morning.

Nury shared with us tonight, too. She told us that “Honduras” means deep water because its founder, Christopher Columbus, almost drowned when he discovered it. There are seven ethnic groups here. Tourists come to see the ruins at Copán and the beautiful island of Roatán. Hondurans produce a variety of items such as coffee, bananas and tilapia.

We have learned so much about each other during our nightly gatherings. We have laughed and cried together and gained the courage and strength to do this holy work for God. It’s hard to believe that tomorrow is already Friday. Where did the week go? We are savoring every minute and cannot wait to get back to the harvest tomorrow for one last day.

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