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Rest and Renewal

Today’s wake up call came in many different forms. For Hampton it was in the form of a rooster crowing at 2:30 am after battling a scorpion in the shower before bedtime. For Deedee, it was the excited new member, Wendy, asking her to hurry up and get up so she could come and see the mountain outside the front door. Wendy said it was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen. Some were up earlier than necessary because of the time change and others were up for the coffee. As morning broke, the whole house awakened little by little. Conversation broke out among the team on the front porch, coffee mugs were filled and then fellowship happened as we gathered around the breakfast table in preparation for our day.

A trip to Pulhapanzak Falls never disappoints in beauty, serenity, excitement and in having time for reflection. Several in our group bravely rode the zip line over the waterfall. Some hiked to the bottom of the waterfall and saw it so closely that they ended up wet from its mist. Some chose to rest and people watch. Ronnie gathered us together for a time of teaching from God’s Word. He shared thoughts about how God has instilled in our hearts a longing to return to the Garden of Eden. The only way to fill this longing is through a relationship with Jesus. We ended our gathering with singing.

The rest of our day was filled with preparation for the week. We marveled at God’s abundant supply of basic necessities for those who have very little. Abundant pills were counted and bagged, ready to be dispensed to aid in making Hondurans healthier. An abundant supply of handmade items such as baby blankets from Montana, cloth bags from Swansonville United Methodist Church, and pillowcase dresses from West Main Baptist Church. How humbling it will be to have the privilege to gift these items made in love to the lovely families we will serve in love.

While the flurry of packing activity was happening, there were members doing hard labor to improve things around the Barnabas House. Cement was poured and spread as the workers’ brows beaded with sweat. We are grateful for the sweat equity that has been poured into this place we call home for several days out of the year. Another good example in which God has abundantly supplied!

A lovely evening meal was shared outside at a local restaurant. Sweet memories are being made in abundance among those breaking bread together. We are blessed abundantly, loved abundantly and God is always abundantly good!

Check out what the Danville team did yesterday in FOB's photo album:!photo-album/czbt

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