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The day began early with breakfast at 7am, followed by devotions by Natalie. We were reminded to be grateful for what we have been blessed with by God. Immediately after breakfast we took the team picture that included not only the Trinity team but also the nine children currently staying at Barnabas House waiting for cardiac procedures beginning on February 4. It’s been a new experience for the Trinity team to have children staying at the Barnabas House which is right next door to Casa de Alfredo.

We departed for the community of Los Globos at 7:30 am, a 1-1/2 hour bus ride up the usual winding mountain roads. We were thankful for the dry roads following two days of sunshine. Along the way there were two interruptions by herds of cattle blocking the road.

Mid-morning we arrived, set up and were ready to begin what has now become routine for the week. In the general clinic today there were 209 patients. One of the first patients was a 39 year old diabetic female, who had come to get her blood sugar checked. Her blood sugar level was dangerously high, causing her a great deal of anxiety and stress. Team members gave her a cross which stated that God loves you on the front and this brought her, and the team members, to tears. It was, needless to say, a very moving moment. Friends of Barnabas provided her with the funds necessary for her and a companion to travel to the city right away so she could go to the hospital.

One of the sickest children examined today was a three year old child. He was diagnosed with bilateral ear infections and was immediately treated for fever and given antibiotics. Two children were referred to the Extended Care Program: a four year old boy with cardiac problems and a two year old girl with an eye problem.

Elmer, our former bus driver, team member and friend for ten years joined us for dinner tonight. It was a pleasure to see him and be able to visit with him. He now owns a hardware store in Peña Blanca and we are proud of his success.

The day ended with a delicious dinner followed by devotions by Don Pierce that reminded us that God does amazing things everywhere.

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