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Feels like Home

Saturday, November 8, 2014

We left California full of anticipation and apprehension. The "newbies" are looking forward to meeting and serving the people of the communities and experiencing the natural beauty of Honduras. We have heard the stories of the people met in these sacred encounters, and look forward to being part of the team. The returning team members express that it "Feels like coming home--an opportunity to reconnect and remember what draws us back year after year."

Stepping out of the airport terminal into the warm tropical breeze, seeing the mountains, the banana trees, and the dramatic skies, we were thrilled to be here and ready to get started.

Later in the afternoon, as we sat outside, counting pills and preparing for the week, we watched the sun over the mountains be absorbed by the clouds.

We had our first delicious dinner and were welcomed into the Friends of Barnabas family and made to feel at home.

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