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¡Vaya con Dios!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Our last full day started off with breakfast and a few tears as we said our goodbyes to the FOB staff at Alfredo's House. We were quickly on our way to San Pedro Sula where we will spend the night.

Upon arrival to the city, we visited the market to purchase souvenirs and beautifully crafted mementos of our trip. The market was busy and everyone enjoyed haggling with the shop owners for the "best price."

We stopped off for lunch and then headed to the Museo de Antropologia e Historia. The museum was quite interesting and we saw many artifacts of the area. Then we headed to the hotel for a little downtime before dinner.

The hotel is lovely and very comfortable. Some watched television (in Spanish) while others took a nap or shared their market purchases. We soon departed for dinner.

Dinner was wonderful; we enjoyed outdoor dining and were served family style. Nury's parents joined us for the meal. Her mother's birthday was a few days ago and we sang “Happy Birthday” to her and she was pleasantly surprised!

Arriving back at the hotel, Phyllis gave us our final instructions for tomorrow and we headed off to bed. We've had a wonderful work week and tomorrow we'll travel back to our families in the US. All have made lifelong memories and connections with our family in Honduras.

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