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The Multitudes

Thursday, October 23, 2014

The yummy smell of breakfast filled the early morning air and we gathered together to enjoy a beautiful meal. Then we were on our way to the farthest community we’ll visit this week, EL CIPRES, JESUS DE OTORO.

This community has 75 homes, only 40 houses have latrines and the majority of latrines are outside of their homes. The school is composed of kindergarten through grade school with a total of 94 students. The distance to the nearest health center is 20 kilometers.

Water for the community comes from a river. The women have the services of a midwife who helps with labor and delivery. The community health volunteer is helping to follow the growth and the weight of the kids in this community. There is no electricity.

The team had an extremely busy day and all families were seen.

Upon return to Alfredo's House, we enjoyed a lovely dinner and then Dr. Jim McKay gave devotions tonight taken from the Book of Revelation. Nury told us the history of Honduras and the Honduran people and we enjoyed bananas foster for dessert. After dessert, we shared our roses of the day.

Duane gave his cross away to an 8 year old boy in the dental clinic. Dr. Judy gave her cross away to a 14 year old pregnant girl. Phyllis gave her cross away as well, to a man whose wife had passed away with cancer 2 years prior and was raising their 8 year old son. Anna gave her cross away to a woman who was seen in the dental clinic who had several teeth extracted. And Perry gave his cross away to a girl he saw 4 years ago while in this same community.

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