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Extra Hands

Monday, September 22

It is a new week at the Barnabas House, with more hands to help with the job of caring for the patients. We are blessed to have students from the Denver School of Nursing, who went through an application process to be a part of the team. They will receive credits for Community Health and Leadership for their participation. Today they worked on their assessment skills, helped administer medications, and with the help of Ellen Bruny, interviewed each mother. Discussion and teaching moments included medications and their purpose, nutrition, and emotional support. The student nurses also worked with the patients, getting them ready for surgery through play. Both our moms and our patients have enjoyed the extra attention and the learning time. The mothers have been open about their fears and concerns. Each expressed their appreciation and appeared much less anxious by the afternoon.

This afternoon we sent Hazmer and Genesis Nicolle to San Pedro Sula to prepare for their surgeries tomorrow. The prayer that Don Melvin said before we closed the door to the minivan was one of thanksgiving and peace. We place each of these patients in God’s hands as we send them off. In the early morning, Melvin, Axel and Idalma will leave to have their cath procedures. We pray for their success and good health. The rain is falling once again to cool the day. It is our reminder of the cleansing and healing power of Christ, and the promise of a new day.

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