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A Busy Day

Thursday, September 18

From the Barnabas House: Today was a day of playing, working and learning. We sent one patient home, three to the hospital for cath procedures, and did the intake procedures for three more patients. There are presently 19 patients, with their mothers, staying at the Barnabas House.

This is a community working together. Mothers could be seen cleaning, making tortillas, and watching each other’s children. Even our patients chipped in to do some work. Our oldest patient, Loyda, helped with the cooking, cleaning up after meals and babysitting. The older boys could be seen entertaining the smaller kids and sweeping the porch.

Part of the afternoon was spent in the dining area having devotions with Community Health Development Nurse Pascuala. Everyone sang, learned lessons from Isaiah 44, and prayed together.

The rains are coming tonight, bringing breezes that cool the day’s heat. We are praying for those working in the hospital, our patients who are still there, and those who will go in the morning. Today we prayed for Genesis, Hazmer and Jeyson. We ask you to join us.

And from San Pedro Sula: Yesterday, education and training were provided for Honduran nurses in San Pedro Sula. It was a wonderful day and education was conducted by: Dr. Mark Clay MD, Pediatric ICU intensivist and Assistant Professor at Vanderbilt University; Micah Hughes, Assistant Professor and Director of Global Health Perspectives at Denver School of Nursing; and Avrey Hughes, Pediatric Intensive Care Nurse Educator of Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children.

Tomorrow we will be using simulation "dolls" in the actual ICU rooms, so even better applied training!

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