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Surrounded on Every Side

Friday, August 8

Our final day is complete. Our visit today to El Ocotal was shorter, but full of small children. Needless to say, we consoled many a crying baby throughout the day. There were 12 children referred into FOB’s Extended Care Program, despite the fact that members of this community have been seen on a regular basis. Those referrals make every visit worthwhile.

Our highlights of the day included a photo op for Daniel with a two-year-old set of twins. They were wearing matching shirts with fire trucks on them. Daniel is a fireman/paramedic. Needless to say, he was in heaven. Patti had a 7-month-old, with whom she shares a birthday. The baby was very interested in playing with Patti’s stethoscope. Maybe we have a future nurse in the making!

Pills are now inventoried, dinner has been enjoyed, and everyone is looking forward to a day of play and relaxation tomorrow. We have all agreed that God has been in everything we have done this week. Each day began with us listening to “The Deer’s Cry: Breastplate of St. Patrick.” The words of the song remind us that God has been our protection all week. He has surrounded us on every side, so that no harm could come to us as we tried to be His hands and feet to those we have met. None of this could have happened without the prayers and support of those at home. Despite political problems, extreme poverty, and little access to health care, there is hope and joy in the faces of the Honduran people. God is here. God is always working. Thanks be to God.

The Farmville Mountain Medical Team

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