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So Many Memories

Saturday, July 19

Our last day in Honduras! We got to wake up a little later today for breakfast, which we were all happy about. After breakfast we all got on the bus, with Melvin driving today, and set off for the adventure park for zip lining. Today’s weather was definitely a lot hotter than it has been all week so we were all very sweaty. When we got to the park we saw the amazing waterfall. Getting up close to waterfall was a breathtaking sight and also nice refreshment because the spray provided a relief from the sticky heat. After this we all got suited up with our harnesses and began zip lining over the river! It was such a fun experience, especially the last zip line over the huge waterfall! Once we finished zip lining, we walked down a long row of steps to see a close-up view of the waterfall. On our way down we definitely didn’t realize that the walk back up would be some serious exercise!

We all then got back on the bus and met Nury in San Pedro Sula for lunch at a restaurant. We had a sampling of ribs, steak, chicken, and sausage, which Nury ordered for us, and it was all so delicious. Following lunch, we went to the market and Nury’s family’s shop, where Selim was! While shopping around, many of us bought hammocks, shoes, bags, and jewelry. When we arrived back home to Alfredo House, everyone sat outside together, taking in our last afternoon in beautiful Honduras.

Following dinner, we looked and laughed at all the pictures from throughout the week on the projector. Looking back on our week was such a treat because we all told stories about the funny and interesting things happening in the photos. Following the slide show, some of us played one last round of card games outside before calling it a night. We’ve had such a great week and we’re all sad to be leaving this amazing place where we’ve made so many memories.

The Reveille 2014 Mountain Medical Team

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