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Beautiful Day

Monday, July 7

Wow! What a day of beautiful interactions and people! Our day started with another wonderful meal of eggs, beans and avocado for breakfast. We then left for Casa de Angeles, where we were greeted by 117 children singing “Bienvenidos, Bienvenidos!” After introductions, we started our crafts – animal masks, a cross and a coloring book of The Stories of Jesus – and of course, the piñata and face painting. We had wonderful interactions, despite our language differences. Some things are unspoken and universal such as the many hugs, smiles and hand waves we had throughout the day!! After spending the morning there, we came back to La Casa de Alfredo for our lunch with the staff. This is always a highlight of the trip when we all gather around the table as one family.

After lunch we were able to go to Pan-American Health Services, an orphanage and a nutritional center for malnourished children, which has been in Peña Blanca for 52 years. Despite the heartbreak of the situations of the children, there was still beauty and hope all around us. We did crafts once again with the children of masks and paper tissue flowers. After our crafts we did the final piñata of the trip. Finally before leaving, we learned about the orphanage and its outreach within the community of Peña Blanca.

After yet another wonderful delicious meal and a celebration of our week here, we concluded our evening with our roses and thorns and a visit from Sister Maria – the women who runs and established Casa de Angeles. There are not enough words or adjectives to describe the depth of Sister Maria’s faith, her heart of service and the example she is to all she encounters. A few words that we think best describe her include selfless, compassionate, loving, gracious and Godly. Although many of us are sad that our time here this week is coming to a close, we are hopeful of a return in the near future. We are thankful of all the support and prayers back in the states and are grateful for what God has been doing here in Honduras, will continue to do once we leave, and how we were able to be a part of his beautiful works.

The First UMC Youth Team

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