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Our Team Has Arrived

You know the Holy Spirit is working in you when you feel at home in a place you've only visited a handful of times. That was the peacefulness I felt when arriving back at the Alfredo House here in Peña Blanca.

Our morning started at 1:30 am in Harrisonburg. We left from Dulles airport, connected in Newark, and then flew straight to San Pedro Sula. Nury and Elmer met us at the airport, and after a quick lunch we drove in the bus to our home for the next week.

Even though many of us didn't sleep last night, we didn't stop! After unloading the duffel bags, we set up camp and began counting pills and organizing supplies for the coming week. At this point we've counted at least 30,000 pills, with still more in the morning. Thankfully everyone has come with a heart ready to serve, and we passed the time with lots of fellowship and laughing.

Dinner included baked chicken, rice, beans, green beans, tortillas, and pataste (similar to squash). We followed dinner with a brief devotion and are now ready to catch up on some much needed Z's.

Thank you for your prayers and support, we are excited to see what the rest of the week will hold!

Mallory Williams

for the Harrisonburg 2014 Team

Jack Garber

Stan Holland

Gary Lucas

Brad McMullen

Bill Mohan

Don Mundy

Karen Purcell

Phil Quagliariello

Paul Quillen

Rhonda Rexrode

Samuel Rexrode

Lisa Stark

Ben Williams

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