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We arrived in Honduras around 12pm local time (2pm Eastern US) today to a hot day reminiscent of summer in Virginia, with high humidity. However, our trip to Casa de Bernabe went well and we began by settling in to our accommodations.

Before I continue with the rest of the latter part of the day, I’d like to introduce you to the missioners. Members of the Danville 2014 team include Ronnie Dillon (our fearless leader), Dr. Judy Bunin, Dr. John Crews, Susan Crews, Karen Haley, Judy Hartman, David Helton, Amy Keesee, Deedee Jamison, Donald Merricks, Emily Ratliff, Larry Ratliff, Dr. Paul Settle, Lori Touart, Robin Williams and yours truly, Scott Williams.

Most of us gathered at Mount Hermon Baptist Church very early Saturday morning and were driven to the airport by church bus; thanks to Butch Cassada. Others traveled down to the Greensboro airport with Ronnie. Judy Hartman met us in Atlanta for our connecting flight and related layover; which gave us time to enjoy some breakfast (our 3am start didn’t lend well to an earlier meal). Several of us also met members of another mission group going to Honduras to set up water purifying devices.

Though takeoff was a bit shaky due to cross-winds as we left Atlanta, the flight went well. We arrived on schedule in San Pedro Sula. We made it through customs and security with relative ease. Nury and Elmer met us and were introduced to the first-time team members. We then travelled to Casa de Bernabe, arriving around 2pm local time.

Picking up on the rest of the day, we essentially split into a couple of groups to organize medical and non-medical supplies and prepare duffels and crates for our coming week of service. Nury then took first-time team members and others on an informational tour of the facility to introduce them to FOBF mission. Dinner followed, with tilapia as the main dish and string beans, squash, rice and tortillas to complement. This was all topped off with a pineapple-based dessert with a flan-like texture. Finally, Ronnie provided our devotion for the day.

Sunday will be a day of some rest, but also a time to prep medicines and vitamins for our week ahead. We look forward to sharing our time of service with you as the week progresses.

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