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El Cedral

El Cedral

We started the day sharing breakfast with the Honduran team, and it was nice to introduce ourselves to each other and have a better understanding of the staff members’ roles around the foundation. Our visit to El Cedral filled the day with amazing stories, and we will let them speak for themselves:

A bright-smiling two year old livens up the clinic; chatting with almost everyone in the room. She couldn’t get over how dirty her shoes were—Amber scooped her up for a picture and her first response was, “Oh my shoes are ugly!” Amber was able to break from the pharmacy and cleaned her cute little white shoes up for her. She left with shoes as bright as her smile.

We had a fine feathered welcome to today’s community when a chicken ran around the medical clinic. To make things more interesting, Zenaida chased the poor thing around the entire clinic, Mitch finally caught and released her safely outside.

The daughter of this community’s teacher, Alexa fell into the role of translator/ambassador. As members Courtney G and Morgan exercised their developing Spanish, Alexa’s animated personality helped break down some of the language barrier.

We developed a deeper understanding of the Extended Care Program after Mark cared for an infant whose behavior raised some red flags in his assessment. The baby was lethargic, and his mother had taken him to a health clinic two weeks prior for respiratory problems. He was completely unresponsive, and after listening to his heart Mark knew something was not right. Dra. Moncada consulted and we determined he had a severe murmur, which combined with a low oxygen reading prompted our medical team to get him into a hospital as soon as possible. He and his mother left with us this afternoon, and Dra. Moncada coordinated his appointment with a cardiac specialist at the city hospital. We are feeling very grateful for this young mother’s decision to come to our clinic today.

Remmie led our evening devotion and focused on kindness. We closed with A Prayer for Honduran Children, written by Rev. Linwood Cook, which had just about everyone in tears. Feeling blessed, and ready for more tomorrow.

There are more Tri-Cities team photo in our photo album.

Today’s Numbers:

General Clinic: 329

Deworming: 128

Vitamin “A”: 39

Fluoride: 40

Dental: 70 with 90 extractions

Eye Clinic: 24

ECP Referrals: 4

The Tri-Cities Team:

Janet Arnold

Rem Arnold

Mark Bartholomew

Carolyn Burk

Morgan Epps

Laura Fernandez-Collius

Bonnie Finck

Rich Finck

Courtney Gifford

Jeanna Gutierrez

Courtney Harris

Amber Hatcher

Stacy Licari

Kate McLaughlin

Robin Phillips

Mitch Temple

Tammy Williams

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